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Lesley Pyke - professionally hand engraved crystal and glass

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I create professionally hand engraved crystal and glass. In 1983 I made my first scratch on glass with a diamond point tool.

This elusive and alluring medium captivated me immediately and I have not stopped since, my tools now being dental technician drills with diamond, stone and rubber burrs.

My love of painting and drawing carries through and after running my engraving business in Harare, Zimbabwe for 20 years, I am now settled in Suffolk offering the same service.

Either bespoke or chosen from my collection, I provide a professional and personal service.

our glass

On show will be not only pieces I have created for sale but also a slideshow (on a laptop) of past work, both masterpieces and customers commission pieces on which subjects range from family crests to churches, lettering to animals and all in-between, on anything from tot measures and vases to champagne coolers, windows and sliding doors .

My main method is drill engraving, I will surface engrave fine crystal or deeply intaglio and relief engrave thick crystal or cameo engrave crystal overlay. I will be displaying, for sale, pieces using all these techniques. I am inspired by Art Nouveau Glass of the 19th / 20th Century, namely Galle, Daum Freres, Muller, Rousseau and Lalique.

My work is owned by people all over the world; every single piece I have ever engraved is unique and has been signed and dated.

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Lesley Pyke
01986 874 634
Offices 1&2, Halesworth Business Centre,
Norwich Rd, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 8QJ
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Lesley Pyke

 Lesley Pyke


 Lesley Pyke

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